IThelpdesk.lk networking solutions help organizations capitalize on the exciting yet increasingly complex advancements in networking technology. With IT manufacturers driving innovation, tracking new technologies and knowing which ones make sense for you company proves daunting:

  • The proliferation of server virtualization and bandwidth-demanding applications such as IP-based video that require enhanced networking solutions for routing and switching technology.
  • 10 Gigabit Ethernet-now the de facto standard in the LAN core.
  • New virtual switching technology that simplifies ongoing management of traditionally complex spanning tree and routing architectures.

Many businesses find it difficult to configure all the features and functionality inherent in these technologies. IThelpdesk.lk helps you by utilizing the advanced capabilities of Cisco routers and switches as well as network optimization appliances.

The payoff for your business? Increased security, simplified operations, and improved application performance.


IThelpdesk.lk experts have decades of experience deploying advanced networking solutions. We specialize in designing and implementing core voice and data networks utilizing traditional routing and switching technologies as well as advanced security, wireless/mobility, and optical networks:

  • LAN/WAN - To effectively and securely connect networks using integrated devices capable of delivering voice, video, and data.
  • WAN Optimization - To significantly reduce branch office costs while increasing efficiency and productivity.
  • Wireless - To give end-users complete freedom and flexibility in the way they interact with your networks.
  • Optical - For campus, metro, WAN and multi-service networking as well as business continuity/disaster recovery services and high-availability storage networks.
  • Network Virtualization and Security - To adopt a software-defined approach to network management and security, speeding up provisioning while gaining visibility and control.


IThelpdesk.lk leverages the leading industry technologies to provide advanced capabilities that allow businesses to increase their network performance to levels previously not possible.


Office cabling can be very complicated, but get it right and it can be a tremendous business asset. Get it wrong and you could put your business under threat.

At ITHelpdesk.lk we're one the most experienced data cable installation providers in the Sri Lanka. We take our time to fully understand your requirements and how we can supply a network cabling infrastructure that fully meets your needs and business aims.

If you're looking for data cabling in or around Sri Lanka, you can count on us to provide highly effective data cabling solutions to physically link your IT assets, and ensure your network runs efficiently.

ITHelpdesk.lk Cable Installation Services

Our engineers have experience working on new cable installations and on existing IT infrastructure, where extra network points are required. We use only the latest techniques and highest quality materials to design and install structured cabling systems that facilitate optimum performance of your voice and data networks.

All our engineers are Cat 5e, Cat 6 and Cat 7 certified, and can provide the following network cabling services:

  • Structured cabling installation
  • Structured cabling upgrades
  • Network cable maintenance

Network Cabling Maintenance

If you have existing cabling or are planning to have new cabling installed, ITHelpdesk.lk can help you maintain that cabling infrastructure. Our engineers are able to run connectivity checks, diagnose problems and help you keep your cabling organized. ITHelpdesk.lk cable maintenance is the best way to quickly solve any issues and keep even the most complex cabling under control.

All our engineers are Cat 5e, Cat 6 and Cat 7 certified, and can provide the following network cabling services:

  • Structured cabling installation
  • Structured cabling upgrades
  • Cabling maintenance

Our Network Cabling Guarantee

So confident are we in the systems we install that in addition to the manufacturers 15 year guarantee we also offer a twelve month guarantee at no additional cost. The warranty will cover labor and parts on any cable related fault. An engineer will be on the site within 8 working hours of the fault report.

Types of Network Cabling

Ethernet Cabling - Advantages

Cat 5e, Cat 6 and Cat 7 ethernet network cabling easily connects to a multitude of devices. The category of cabling selected depends on your business's performance requirements, from Cat 5e's 100/Mbps to the super durable and noise resistant Cat 7's 10/Gbps. However, they can only reach limited distances in an office location.

Fiber Optic Cabling - Advantages

Fiber optic cabling is much faster than ethernet and is best used for reaching longer distances in an office location. Fiber optic cables are also durable, flexible and do not produce electromagnetic interference.
Read more information about types of network cabling

Network Cabling Applications

ITHelpdesk.lk are able to install cabling to meet all of your needs. This includes:

  • Twisted pair cabling (shielded and unshielded): Which can be used to install ethernet networks and connect different computer devices. This type of cabling is perfect for businesses that need large or small networks of devices. Twisted cabling can also be shielded so it is less affected by interference.
  • Fiber optic cabling: This is great for long and short distance high speed data connection. It can be run between buildings, in large offices and is perfect for increased data speed and transferring large files. Fiber optics is also highly secure. Because it does not rely on a magnetic field, it is impossible to tap into the signal. This is perfect for companies that want the most secure connection.

These different cabling types can be used to link your devices, improve connectivity between your front and back office and generally enhance your IT infrastructure.

Network Cabling Resources

Structured cabling is a type of infrastructure that supports the performance of an organization’s cabling system or network. It is the glue that binds all PCs, phones and other devices used within the business together - providing a reliable and versatile solution to a wide range of communication requirements.
The importance of organized cabling systems will vary from business to business, but for the majority, it can ensure a highly reliable and cost-effective network infrastructure that will stand the test of time.
Below we explore in depth the benefits of structured network cabling and why your business could benefit from our specialist network and cabling service here at ITHelpdesk.lk.

  • Future Proof Investment

By far one of the most significant benefits of a structured cabling system is the high bandwidth, which makes it a reliable infrastructure for supporting business growth. In today’s competitive business world, having adaptable IT that is scalable and can respond quickly to industry changes is vital. In order to retain existing customers and continuously acquire new ones, businesses need a data center that supports the quick and easy development and deployment of new services. With structured cabling, you can rest assured your network infrastructure won’t become outdated and will support all emerging applications as your business grows.

  • Simplicity

There is a high level of simplicity and straightforwardness that comes with an organized cabling system. In a typical office environment, several different devices and IT equipment are being used at the same time, so running everything off one single system eliminates the complexity of having multiple wiring infrastructures in place. For example, if a problem occurs, it is far easier to identify the issue and solve it with structured network cabling. This means far less time and money lost in the long-term.

  • Cost Effective

Structured data cabling is a cost-effective solution to the smooth running of your business. The scalable and highly flexible network will provide a continuous flow of information and will be able to cope with the high demands placed on it. This in turn will boost productivity and drive business success. One simple cabling system also reduces power and maintenance costs, and eliminates the time and money spent on locating and rectifying any issues.

  • Enhanced Flexibility

A structured cabling system provides an enhanced level of flexibility - helping to improve performance and drive business growth. This is because it can quickly and easily accommodate moves, adds and changes, which dramatically reduces installation time and ensures optimum adaptability to any network infrastructure changes. The flexibility also makes the system easy to take apart and move to a new office location.

  • Reduced Risk of Downtime

There is a high risk of human error and mistakes being made with multiple, unorganized cabling structures, which can cause workflow disruptions and network downtime. As aforementioned, a well-planned cabling system also means easier troubleshooting, so it’s easier to identify and rectify faults quickly.

Wi-Fi Installation Services
We offer bespoke WIFI solutions tailored to your business requirements. Our engineers have in-depth experience and knowledge of complex and professional Wi-Fi services, and can provide a wide range of installations for all working environments.
If you choose ITHelpdesk.lk to be your dedicated Wi-Fi installation provider, you will benefit from the following:

  • Premises surveys to identify ideal Wi-Fi hotspots and access points.
  • Consultancy on Wi-Fi security, coverage and integrated Wi-Fi solutions.
  • Design and installation of the best possible Wi-Fi configuration for your office, retail unit, floor, or entire building.



Our Specialty

  • Both wired and wireless networking solutions
  • Use high end products and equipment’s
  • Attention to customer requirements
  • Complete service handled by experienced professionals
  • Customized networking solutions
  • Special attention to customer safety and security
  • Proactive customer support

Contact IThelpdesk.lk to learn how our expertise and network solution services provide secure and scalable IP networks built on the most sophisticated networking infrastructure in the world.